What is the Online AMC Clinical Exam?

Online AMC clinical exam


Are you booked in for the Australian Medical Council (AMC) Clinical Exam online? Or just trying to find out what it is and how it works?

This is for you!


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Let's start by addressing these 2 questions:

1. What is the online clinical exam?

2. How does AMC conduct the clinical exam online?


What is the online clinical exam?

In March 2021, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AMC introduced an alternative online clinical examination to supplement the existing face-to-face (in-person/NTC) clinical exam. The purpose was to create a pandemic-proof examination format. The AMC online clinical exam has now become a permanent fixture and is expected to undergo several iterations in the coming years.

The online AMC Clinical Exam maintains the same number and type of stations as the in-person examination. It consists of 20 stations, 16 of which are scored, with two unscored or pilot stations, and four rest stations.

The online exam typically takes around 8 hours to complete without any technical issues.

Take a look at the image below to get a visual representation of the structure and layout of the online AMC Clinical Exam.

Image from of the video tutorial by DockRoach.


The boxes in the image correspond to the ZOOM breakout groups that we will be discussing next, illustrating the structure of the online exam.



2. How does AMC conduct clinical exam online?

To put it briefly, the AMC Clinical Exam is conducted online via Zoom, which is why it's sometimes referred to as the "Zoom-exam". This platform allows for a secure and efficient examination process, with examiners and candidates able to interact via audio and video in real-time.

Candidates will be placed into various Zoom breakout groups during the exam (as shown by the green and pink boxes in the image below), with arrows indicating the transitions between them.


Image from of the video tutorial by DockRoach.


To learn more about the online clinical exam, please watch the tutorial video above. It provides a comprehensive guide to understanding everything you need to know about this topic.


If you have any specific questions about the online exam, please don't hesitate to contact me here or via our support team.


Good luck to you!


Written by Dr Aarons.

International Medical Graduate (IMG), Hospital Medical Registrar in VIC & IMG Member Advisor for the Australian Medical Council (AMC)