Our mission is to improve the AMC Clinical Exam preparation and empower bright futures for International Medical Graduates!

I'm Dr Aarons Gauntlet Rogers


Founder of DOCKROACH


I know what it feels like desperately wanting to pass the AMC Clinical Examination. I was there just a few years ago....

Just like you, I wanted to succeed.

However, I quickly learned that the AMC Clinical Exam passing rate is 20 - 30% per year. That is extremely low! In addition, preparing for it felt like a nightmare; confusing recalls, and where to start?

My Story...

I moved to Melbourne at the end of 2019 and was super determined to pass the AMC Clinical Examination in a single attempt; obviously given the clinical exam is crazy expensive. Preparing by myself was risky, so I decided to enroll in a bridging course; which was crazy x2 expensive 😮 (you know what I mean). I proceeded anyway because there were not many great alternatives available.

After completing the expensive course, I was struck by a disaster! The COVID-19 hit and postponed my AMC Clinical Examination with no signs of resuming in 2020 😭 I was stuck and unable to secure a medical job in Australia without the AMC clinical examination.


How I passed my AMC Clinical Exam...

Fearing my uncertain future in Australia during the pandemic; living in Melbourne on a tourist visa with no working rights and mixed with a huge determination to succeed - I decided to forge on! I continued preparing for the AMC Clinical Examination.

Had difficulty finding people for role plays. So I role played with my life-partner, she was non-medical and always available with me (COVID left us both jobless).

I did about 10 - 15 role plays daily, five days a week - until 15 months later, the AMC resumed the clinical examination in March 2021.

I learned everything preparing for the AMC Clinical Examination; did about 3000 role plays all together!

Of course, I passed the AMC Clinical Examination with high score on my first attempt!


From my experience, I strongly believe that. . .

AMC Clinical Examination preparation can be greatly improved and simplified. Thus, in June 2021, I founded DockRoach™ - we are actively working to improve role plays for the AMC Clinical Exam.

Dr Aarons at flinder street station image

Dr. Aarons Gauntlet Rogers

  • Founder & Director DockRoach™
  • Visionary & Digital Content Creator

 Professional involvement:

  • Hospital Registrar, AHPRA General Registration
  • IMG Member Advisor to the Australian Medical Council's International Medical Graduate Assessment Experiences and Performance Project Advisory Group since 2022
  • IMG from Malaysia.


 Leisure time:

Outside of work, I find joy in playing with my two cats, Hera and Neomi.


Dr Andrew

Dr. Andrew Richards

  • Shared Ownership DockRoach™
  • Digital Content Creator

 Professional involvement:

  • Basic Physician Trainee, AHPRA General Registration
  • Royal Australasian College of Physician (RACP)
  • IMG from Malaysia


Leisure time:

 Gym enthusiast!

Anne Lynn Cleuren

Ms. Anne Lynn Cleuren

  • Co-founder DockRoach™
  • Digital Content Creator

 Professional involvement:

  • Clinic Coordinator, The Alfred Health Hospital Victoria.


 Leisure time:

Foodie and art lover from the Netherlands.


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